Frequently Asked Questions

Broasted chicken is battered and cooked in oil as well, but deep fried in a pressure cooker. It instantly locks in all the juices by immersion process cooking all sides of meat and once. One of the main differences between baking and frying is the heat source used to cook the food.

Broasted chicken is a trademark of the Broaster Company because we were the first to the bring pressure-fried, proprietary marinated chicken to the market and trademark the result!  If it sounds familiar, KFC claims a secret recipe for pressure-fried chicken as well, but cannot call it Broasted chicken because they don’t own the trademark.  The Broaster Company does partner with operators to serve Broasted chicken by following our program, using Broaster pressure fryers, and Broaster proprietary ingredients.

Broaster Company has been an expert in pressure frying since 1954, when our founder, L.A.M. Phalen, invented “broasting,” as he originally called the process. In the 65 years since, Broaster Company has developed as a leading manufacturer and supplier of pressure fryers along with other specialty foodservice equipment, accessories, and food product ingredients. Today’s Broaster® Pressure Fryers build upon this proud history of innovation with the inclusion of advanced solid-state controls featuring 10 time and temperature presets. Additional innovation of the SmartTouch, Touch Screen Controller provides a complete library of pre-programmed Broaster Foods cook times and product photos. Our pressure fryers feature a round of cooking well design with a specially engineered cold zone for superior heat distribution and improved oil filtration, and a reputation for durability beyond compare.

Pressure Frying is similar to conventional open frying in which foods are heated to cooking temperature in a well filled with cooking oil, except that in a pressure fryer the food is cooked under controlled pressure in a sealed vessel.

Foods cooked in a Broaster® Pressure Fryer are much more tender, juicy, and flavorful because moisture and natural juices are retained.

Cooking under pressure in a sealed environment prevents food from losing its moisture. When moisture evaporates from food during frying, it is replaced by the oil it is fried in. Oil absorption during open frying has been found to be as much as 20%. Pressure frying seals the food’s moisture and natural juices within the product, preventing the penetration of cooking oil.

Preparing Genuine Broaster Chicken begins with our time proven recipe. We add our unique marinade and coating to our proprietary Broaster® Pressure Fryer cooking process, and you can offer products with the irresistible flavor, crispiness and juiciness that attracts more customers – and helps your profits soar!

No, true Genuine Broasted Chicken is cooked in a commercial grade pressure fryer, manufactured by Broaster Company, using  Broaster Company proprietary ingredients and signing a Trademark Agreement to advertise it as Genuine Broasted Chicken.

There are none! Our Trademark programs do not include any franchise or royalty fees to the operator; just a commitment to serve our products, using our equipment and proprietary recipes as outlined in the agreement.

A trademark program is between licensor and licensee, identifies trademark(s), how the trademark can be used, identifies products/services and how they are to be used, includes a geographic territory in which licensee may operate and sell products, and provides quality control with clear stands as to the nature and quality of the licensed trademark product/service.

A franchise program allows the franchisor to grant rights to operate under franchise regulations including right to utilize the franchisors trademarks, trade dress and business systems. This agreement includes territory rights, operation procedure mandates, initial and on-going fees often called “royalty” fees. Marketing fees and obligations, restrictive covenants and non-competes are also required.

Not at all! The Genuine Broasted Chicken programs are flexible with menu and equipment options related to a variety of channels including convenience stores, restaurants, grocery delis, food trucks, universities, and more!

Yes, when you become an operator, you will have access to our training experts along with training materials and our national marketing team.

Yes, we offer multiple program options to best meet your store and financing partner to help get you started.

Call us at 800-365-8278 and let’s talk chicken!